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Character Descriptions

Principal adult roles (18+):

DEWEY FINN - Rock Tenor (B2-E5) 30-45

An overly ambitious, rock-obsessed, under achiever. A highly energetic and comedic role. Improvisation skills desirable. 


ROSALIE MULLINS - Soprano (A3-D6) 30-45

An uptight and highly strung headmistress of an elite school. Driven by success and prestige. However, inside lives a caged, rock and roll lover. Strong belt required.


NED SCHNEEBLY - Baritone (C3-F#4) 30-45

Substitute teacher and former band member of Dewey’s, Ned has decided to take the ‘responsible’ road in life and has given up on his dreams of becoming a rock legend. Desperate for the approval of his partner, Patty, even if it goes against his core beliefs. Rock voice preferred.


PATTY DI MARCO - Mezzo-Soprano (B3-E5) 25-40

The loving but dominating partner of Ned, Patty is constantly trying to mould Ned into the person she thinks he should be. Hates Dewey and wants him out of her and Ned’s life. 



Ms. Sheinkopf has been at Horace Green for as long as anyone can remember. Her years of service have not softened her. Pop/Rock singer who moves well.

Principal youth roles (playing age 11-13):

Children of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds are welcome to apply. All roles are open to everyone, regardless of gender.

ZACK MOONEYHAM (guitar) – (A3-D5)

A highly gifted musician and songwriter but struggles to connect with his overbearing, workaholic father. Must be able to rock at the guitar with some serious solo skills. Pop/rock vocals. Must be able to confidently play guitar live on stage.


FREDDIE HAMILTON (drums) - (A3-D5)

A boy who is happy to be released. This is the kid who comes from a working-class background and, unlike many of his classmates, was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father (who is not happy about Freddie’s obsession with music) never lets him forget it. Pop/rock singer with exceptional drum skills and personality. Must be able to confidently play drums live on stage.


KATIE (bass) - (A3-D#5)

Distinguished by her talent for the bass, Katie takes to being in the band like a fish to water. Energetic, enthusiastic with a lot of rhythm and attitude. Must be able to confidently play bass live on stage.


LAWRENCE (piano/keyboard) - (A3-D#5)

A shy, awkward boy, unconfident, but a genius on the keyboard who needs a free spirit like Dewey to lead him out of the darkness.  Epic piano skills a must. Must be able to confidently play keyboard live on stage.



Highly intelligent, over achieving and overly controlling Horace Green student with a demanding presence. Holds high expectations and standards for herself and everyone around her. Suspicious of Dewey and his unorthodox teaching ways. Pop singer with the ability to move well.


TOMIKA – (A3-G5)

A new student at Horace Green, her fathers are failing to see that she is struggling to fit in. Withdrawn and shy but with an underlying enthusiasm and desire to be part of the band. Blows everyone away when she sings. Must have a strong singing voice.


MARCY – (A3-G5)

Back-up singer with style. Pop/Rock vocals and great mover.



Back-up singer with style. Pop/Rock vocals and great mover.



Flamboyant and artistic. Billy is a  boy with a marked artistic flair and a passion for fashion. Becomes the band's stylist. Pop/Rock singer and confident mover.


SOPHIE – (A3-D5)

One of the band's roadies. Pop/Rock singing voice and with the ability to move well.


One of the band's roadies. Pop/Rock singing voice and with the ability to move well.


Mason is a total whiz with technology, and creates special effects and fantastic lighting designs for the band’s performances using his laptop. Pop/Rock singing voice and with the ability to move well.


JAMES – (A3-D5)

James is tough and reliable, making him a good security guard for the band. Mostly, he keeps an eye out for anyone coming while the band is secretly rehearsing! Pop/Rock singing voice and with the ability to move well.

Class Kids - Ensemble roles (playing age 11-13):

In addition to the named roles above, we are looking for children aged between 8-14 to play the class. Playing age should ideally be between 11-13. These roles make up the remainder of the class and need strong singers who can follow simple movement.

Adult Ensemble roles (18+):

An adult ensemble will play the remaining roles, with some cast potentially filling multiple roles. Ensemble will need great characterisation and comedic skills, some basic movement ability and strong vocal abilities. While some roles may be suitable for individuals aged between 18-30, the roles of each of the parents are intended for ages 30+.



Mr. Green

Gabe Brown

Mr. Sanders

Ms. Gordon

Ms. Bingham

Mr. Woodward

Mr. Janes

Ms. Macapugay

Mr. Wagner


Mr. Mooneyham

Mrs. Hathaway

Mr. Williams

Mr. Spencer

Mr. Sandford

Mr. Ward

Mr. Hamilton

Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Travis


Jeff Sanderson – Manager of Battle of the Bands

Theo (No Vacancy) - Range: D3-D5

Doug (No Vacancy) - Range: G3-G4

Bob (No Vacancy) - Range: G3-D5

Snake (No Vacancy) - Range: G3-G4

Stanley Security Guard 1

Security Guard 2

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